Herewith a snapshot of our vast reference based, built up over the years since 2006.

We are looking forward to add yours to the list!

Ikaros Solar reference projects

Bluefield - Hall Farm

Norfolk, United Kingdom

1 / 2
11.5 MWp
2013  -  2014
Ground structure

Hall Farm

Norfolk, United Kingdom

Bluefield I 11.5 MWp

Andover Airfield

Andover, United Kingdom

Oxford Capital / Landlord I 7.2 MWp

Brussels Airport

Zaventem, Belgium

Ikaros Solar Fund - PMV I 1.2 MWp

Food storage

Alcobaça, Portugal

Cooperfrutas I 250.0 kWp

Goose Willow

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Bluefield I 16.9 MWp


Londerzeel, Belgium

Colfridis I 860.0 kWp