Solar park investments

Investors & developers



We know what you want and need. Having serviced many dedicated infrastructure investors, we understand the risks you are willing to take and those that you need to shed to us. We both know that in the end, it is each and every kWh that is produced in a safe way that makes the difference in returns. 

We are constantly on the lookout to match your needs to the right project investment. We keep track of as much projects under development as possible, on a global scale.  Where possible, we might co-invest and align ourselves to our mutual goals.


You have come this far. Let us help you to maximize the value of your project by bringing it to a true shovel ready state. Let’s polish that rough diamond together, mitigating as many risks as possible whilst optimizing future yields for the investor.
We know which investors are looking for what kind of projects, in which countries, for what kind of return. Our match-making services are fully free of charge, since we never relinquish our ultimate goal to build over-performing PV projects.