About us

The Ikaros Solar Group is a leading international company operating in the photovoltaic (PV) market since 2006. With fully functional organizations on 3 continents, Ikaros Solar provides in high quality PV solutions on a global level for businesses and investors.  Ikaros Solar fully focuses on PV development, EPC and O&M activities.

Our focus on quality, dependability and customer orientation has resulted in a strong reference base of well-known companies. We are proud to serve customers like IKEA, Johnson&Johnson, Philips Lighting, Colruyt, the Brussels Airport Company, and major international investors on an ongoing basis.

Ikaros Solar operates to full bankable standards and is as such recognized by all leading European financial institutions. Its solid financial structure allows to undertake large scale PV installations.


Our activities cover all aspects or a true EPC company in the broadest sence: Project development, Engineering – Procurement – Construction, Operation & Maintenance, and Distribution of components.

The latter is currently only serviced out of the Benelux.

Project development

  • Given our vast experience and international exposure, we extract maximum value out of the realization of a Greenfield project. As an expert installer, we optimize all specific PV aspects from start to end.

Engineering – Procurement – Construction

  • Turnkey industrial and commercial solar systems for rooftops, carparks and land.

Operations and Maintenance

  • We operate a dedicated control room and dedicated service technicians to resolve and prevent production outages. Achievements versus targets are reported on a periodic basis.

Distribution (out of Belgium)

  • We are offering best-in-class products to installers in the residential and the small commercial market.