To ensure a maximum flexibility whilst garanteeing the preservance of our global knowledge base, the Ikaros Solar Group created service centers to serve all regions and country organisations.

Development Service - Empowering Energy Independence

DSC – Development and Independent Power Producer

Discover a new level of energy sovereignty with Ikaros' Independent Power Producer (IPP) Development service. Specialising in owning and operating PV power plants, we bring renewable energy to life and directly contribute to a sustainable future. Our approach is simple yet impactful: we generate clean energy through our plants and offer it to consumers under Power Purchase Agreements.

By partnering our IPP service, you're not just adopting a power source – you're joining a movement that champions environmental responsibility and energy self-sufficiency. Let us empower you to embrace renewable energy with confidence.

EPC Services - Powering Possibilities

ESC – Elevating Engineering Standards

At Ikaros, we excel in delivering turnkey industrial and commercial solar systems that bring your energy vision to life. Whether it's rooftops or ground mount systems, our expertise shines in projects up to 75 MWp. We pride ourselves on utilizing only Tier 1 and fully bankable materials, ensuring the highest quality for your venture.

What sets us apart is our passion for tackling large and intricate projects with finesse. Our financial acumen extends to rental constructions, including Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), enabling you to maximize the benefits of your solar partnership.

Maintenance Service Center - Ensuring Uninterrupted Performance

MSC - Your Maintenance Partner

Powered by our global Control Room situated in Lisbon, our Maintenance Service Center (MSC) ensures seamless operations of our solar installations. With real-time information at our fingertips, our local O&M teams can swiftly intervene and maintain our plants at their peak performance. Currently overseeing more than 150 commercial and industrial installations totalling over 150 MWp, we're at the forefront of effective solar plant management.

Our commitment extends beyond basic maintenance. We share best practices on a global scale, covering everything from innovative bird control solutions to advanced cleaning techniques, and ground mount system management through controlled grazing.

Procurement Service Center - Sourcing Efficiency, Delivering Value

PSC - Your Procurement Partner

Based in Singapore, our Procurement Service Center (PSC) is unwavering in its pursuit of the perfect blend of price, quality, and warranty for each project. With a focus on seamless logistics, we guarantee that our project and site managers receive precisely what they need, precisely when they need it. Our dedication to sourcing excellence is matched only by our commitment to ensuring your solar venture's success.

Construction Service Center - Building with Precision, Powering the Future

CSC - Constructing Dreams, Building Reality

At the heart of our construction prowess lies the Construction Service Center (CSC). This central team orchestrates professional project management, emphasizing meticulous planning, adept subcontractor coordination, and the highest industry testing standards. With the CSC at the helm, your solar project is in the hands of experts dedicated to turning your vision into a tangible, cutting-edge reality.