To ensure a maximum flexibility whilst garanteeing the preservance of our global knowledge base, the Ikaros Solar Group created service centers to serve all regions and country organisations.

EPC services

Turnkey industrial and commercial solar systems, for rooftops, carparks and ground mount systems. Ikaros specializes in projects from 100 KWp to 20 MWp using only Tier1 and fully bankable materials.

An affinity for large complex projects. Financial knowledge on rental constructions like PPA (power purchase agreements)

Maintenance Service Center - MSC

Our global Control Room, based in Lisbon, assures that our local O&M teams have access to fast and accurate information on interventions and current operations of the plants. We are currently monitoring over 150 commercial and industrial installations comprising more than 150 MWp. 

Best practices are shared on a global level to ensure optimal efficiency. This contains solutions like snow melting systems, bird control, carport maintenance, cleaning techniques and grazing on ground mount systems.

Engineering Service Center - ESC

We control international engineering out of a central ESC team. The team focusses on solution development, component selection and engineering standards for all country organizations.

Procurement Service Center - PSC

Our Singapore procurement team is dedicated to the best price/quality/warranty solution per project whilst guaranteeing smooth logistics to our project and site managers.

Construction Service Center - CSC

The central construction team guarantees professional project management. They focus on planning, subcontractor management and employ the highest testing standards in the industry.